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Water cycle of a seasonally dry tropical forest (Southern Vietnam)
How does the activity of the ecosystem of monsoon tropical forest decrease during the dry season of more than 4 months? To answer this question, the dynamics of evapotranspiration is analyzed in theExpand
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Threads for tear film collection and support in quantitative amino acid analysis
AbstractThe collection of tears for chemical composition analysis is complicated by both the difficulty in sampling the tear film and the relatively low microliter volumes available for analysis. TheExpand
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Prefractionation methods for individual adult fruit fly hemolymph proteomic analysis.
The analysis of blood provides in depth chemical information of physiological states of organisms. Hemolymph (blood) is the fluid in the open circulatory system of Drosophila melanogaster that is theExpand
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Process Simulation of the Electromagnetic-Supported Laser Beam Welding
A three-dimensional laminar steady state numerical model was used to investigate the influence of an alternating current (ac) magnetic field during high power laser beam keyhole welding of 20 mmExpand