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Oxygen-proof fluorescence temperature sensing with pristine C70 encapsulated in polymer nanoparticles
We report the first successful encapsulation of pristine fullerene C70 in polymer nanoparticles with very low size polydispersity. We obtained water-dispersed polystyrene (PS) nanoparticles withExpand
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Sol-gel encapsulation: an efficient and versatile immobilization technique for cutinase in non-aqueous media.
Cutinase from Fusarium solani pisi was encapsulated in sol-gel matrices prepared with a combination of alkyl-alkoxysilane precursors of different chain-lengths. The specific activity of cutinase in aExpand
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Probing the microenvironment of sol-gel entrapped cutinase: the role of added zeolite NaY.
Cutinase, an esterase from Fusarium solani pisi, was immobilized in sol-gel matrices of composition 1:5 tetramethoxysilane (TMOS):n-alkyltrimethoxysilane (n-alkylTMS). Fluorescence spectroscopy usingExpand
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Ion jelly conductive properties using dicyanamide-based ionic liquids.
The thermal behavior and transport properties of several ion jellys (IJs), a composite that results from the combination of gelatin with an ionic liquid (IL), were investigated by dielectricExpand
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Understanding the ion jelly conductivity mechanism.
The properties of the light flexible device, ion jelly, which combines gelatin with an ionic liquid (IL) were recently reported being promising to develop safe and highly conductive electrolytes.Expand
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Atlas semântico-lexical do estado de Goiás
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