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Genetic distance in plant breeding
As exposition of the theoretical concepts behind genetic distance has been made. Problems relating to choice of characters, non-repeatable classification configuration, heterosis as explained byExpand
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Heterosis in relation to genetic divergence and specific combining ability in groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)
SummaryThe frequency and magnitude of heterosis were examined in relation to genetic divergence among parents in two diallel cross experiments in groundnut. The parents were grouped into clustersExpand
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The Fallacy Behind the Use of a Modified Line × Tester Design
The genetic models governing a line × tester design and a modified design in which the parents are included are examined in detail. The errors involved in the procedure of analysis followed byExpand
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Limits To Genetic Divergence For Occurrence of Heterosis -Experimental Evidence From Crop Plants
Two experiments in groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) and one in rapeseed (Brassica campestris L.) involving varying number of crosses made to diailel and line × tester designs were studied with the aimExpand
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Are ‘multiple cross-multiple pollen hybrids’ an answer for productive populations in Brassica campestris (var.) Brown Sarson?
SummaryA set of 167 ‘mucromphs’ was evaluated in their F1 generation for seven ‘plant’, four ‘plot’ and five ‘ratio’ characters. Methods of characterizing the parents and the hybrids on the basis ofExpand
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A Study on the nature of genetic divergence in rice from assam and North East Himalayas
SummaryA representative group of 190 rice types collected from North-East India along with four standard varieties, three of which were indicas and one japonica, was studied to understand the natureExpand
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Evaluation of diallel crosses by graphical and combining ability methods
The genetic models behind two approaches, graphical analysis due to Jinks and Hayman and combining ability analysis due to Griffing, employed in the analysis of data from diallel crosses are reviewedExpand
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The science behind tradition
Tradition is a term intimately associated with biodiversity. Traditional varieties, traditional practices of cultivation and traditional environment are examples in support. Tribal people consist ofExpand
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Phenotypic Diversity of Foliar Traits in Coconut Germplasm*
Coconut palm is a multipurpose crop cultivated in tropics. Diversity in this crop is rich in South Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean Islands. Foliar traits have not been studied extensively toExpand
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