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Risk Assessment for the Population of Kyiv, Ukraine as a Result of Atmospheric Air Pollution
The environmental state of atmospheric air in Kyiv requires greater attention and additional research to identify the causes of air pollution, along with implementation of measures to improve air quality. Expand
Physical Features of Pollutants Spread in the Air During the Emergency at NPPs
The authors carried out a thorough study of the features of the spread of hazardous chemicals in the surface layer of the atmosphere in the event of an emergency at the site of a nuclear power plant.Expand
Application of augmented reality technologies for preparation of specialists of new technological era
It is determined that application of augmented reality technologies in education would contribute to these technologies development and therefore need increase for specialists in the augmented reality; growth of students' professional level due to application of AR technologies is proved. Expand
Conceptual Approaches for Development of Informational and Analytical Expert System for Assessing the NPP impact on the Environment
The option, which to major extent is in compliance with the European requirements has been substantiated, and which allows to fully solve radiation and environmental safety tasks, as well as civil protection of population, territories and the environment in the surveillance zones of Ukrainian NPPs, is recommended for further practical implementation. Expand
The use of online coding platforms as additional distance tools in programming education
The authors recommend the use of online programming simulators as an additional tool for teaching computer science disciplines, taking into account their functionality, as well as the level of preparation of students and the expected learning outcomes. Expand
Application of Open and Specialized Geoinformation Systems for Computer Modelling Studying by Students and PhD Students
It is concluded that ability of students and postgraduates to use geoinformation systems is interdisciplinary and develops knowledge and skills in computer modeling of various processes that may arise in the further professional activity. Expand
Analysis of Possible Causes of NPP Emergencies to Minimize Risk of Their Occurrence
The paper states that various emergencies may occur at nuclear power plants under different negative conditions. Such emergencies pose a significant risk for the natural environment, health ofExpand
Application of augmented reality technologies for education projects preparation
After analysis of scientific literature, we defined that concept of “augmented reality” has following synonyms: “advanced reality”, “improved reality”, “enriched reality”, “mixed reality” and “hybridExpand
It is shown that the developed systems ensure the functioning of the environmental safety management system, allow to describe the structural elements and information links between them, increases the efficiency of processing the source data. Expand