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Representation of stability integral for poloidal magnetic field configurations using inverted variables
The convective stability integral U = {integral}B{sup {minus}1} dl for a poloidal magnetic field configuration in a low-pressure plasma is derived as U = 1/8{sub d}{Psi}{sup 2}{sup d}{supExpand
Oscillations of a dilute plasma with an arbitrary degree of inhomogeneity
Neglecting collisions, we have found an operator for the dielectric permeability tensor of a rarified, inhomogeneous plasma in a magnetic field. The initial set of equations consists of kineticExpand
On MHD Oscillations of a Plasma Column of Finite Conductivity with a Jump of Parameters in the Near-Wall Region
In a straight-cylinder model in a strong longitudinal magnetic field, the MHD oscillations of a plasma of a finite conductivity are considered in a situation when there is no resonant surface in theExpand
MHD stability of a plasma in axisymmetric systems
Methods of MHD stabilization of axisymmetric systems are considered, including: average min-B (both in the case when the anchor is a cell with min-B and in the version when a stabilizer with averageExpand
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On the resonance amplification of magnetic perturbations near the threshold of tearing instability in a tokamak
Using a cylindrical model, a relatively simple description is presented of how a magnetic field perturbation stimulated by a low external helical current or a small helical distortion of the boundaryExpand
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