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Space, body, and the notion of boundary : A category-theoretical approach to religion
In the article the issue of sacrality is explored from the points of view of cultural anthropology and cognitive science of religion. Culture-specific contents of meaning bestowed on the notion ofExpand
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Current approaches in the cognitive science of religion
Pascal Boyer - why do gods and spirits matter at all? supernatural gadgets and social mind adaptations Ilkka Pyysiainen - religion and the counter-intuitive Justin L. Barrett - dumb gods, petitionaryExpand
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What Is It That We Call 'Religion'? Analyzing the Epistemological Status of the Sacred as a Scholarly Category in Comparative Religion
The category of the sacred has been used in the scholarly vocabulary of comparative religion as a referent to the transcendent worlds which religious behavior is directed to. The methodological valueExpand
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Best clinical practice guidance for local analgesia in paediatric dentistry: an EAPD policy document
BackgroundThe European Academy of Paediatric Dentistry (EAPD) proposes this best-practice guidance to help practitioners to decide when and how to use local analgesia to control pain in children,Expand
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Does the sacred make a difference? Category formation in comparative religion
When taken at face value, the sacred seems to be an unproblematic concept. Times, places, persons, animals and objects are classified as `sacred', because they have or have had a religious orExpand
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Interpreting Ethnic Categories Denoting 'Sacred' in a Finnish and an Ob-Ugrian Context
Les historiens et les phenomenologues de la religion donnent au sacre une position methodologique particuliere. Dans la tradition des etudes comparatives, la comprehension du sacre a souvent eteExpand
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