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The THEMIS Mission
The Time History of Events and Macroscale Interactions during Substorms (THEMIS) mission is the fifth NASA Medium-class Explorer (MIDEX), launched on February 17, 2007 to determine the trigger andExpand
Statistical characteristics of bursty bulk flow events
Using a common methodology to analyze data from the AMPTE/IRM and ISEE 2 satellites the authors report on the statistical properties of bursty bulk flow events (BBFs) in the inner plasma sheet (IPS).Expand
Substorm onset observations by IMAGE-FUV
[1] Over the first 2.5 years of operation, the FUV instrument on the IMAGE spacecraft observed more than 2400 substorm onsets in the Northern Hemisphere. The observations confirm earlier results ofExpand
Neutral line model of substorms: Past results and present view
The near-Earth neutral line (NENL) model of magnetospheric substorms is reviewed. The observed phenomenology of substorms is discussed including the role of coupling with the solar wind andExpand
The THEMIS ESA Plasma Instrument and In-flight Calibration
The THEMIS plasma instrument is designed to measure the ion and electron distribution functions over the energy range from a few eV up to 30 keV for electrons and 25 keV for ions. The instrumentExpand
Bursty bulk flows in the inner central plasma sheet: An effective means of earthward transport in the magnetotail
High speed flows in the Earth's Inner Central Plasma Sheet (ICPS) occur during enhanced flow intervals that have been termed Bursty Bulk Flow (BBF) events. The importance of different flow magnitudeExpand
THEMIS observations of an earthward‐propagating dipolarization front
[1] We report THEMIS observations of a dipolarization front, a sharp, large-amplitude increase in the Z-component of the magnetic field. The front was detected in the central plasma sheetExpand
Global distribution of wave amplitudes and wave normal angles of chorus waves using THEMIS wave observations
[1] The global distribution of chorus wave amplitudes and their wave normal angles is investigated using high-resolution wave spectra and waveform data from THEMIS for lower-band and upper-bandExpand
The ARTEMIS Mission
The Acceleration, Reconnection, Turbulence, and Electrodynamics of the Moon’s Interaction with the Sun (ARTEMIS) mission is a spin-off from NASA’s Medium-class Explorer (MIDEX) mission THEMIS, a fiveExpand
Global distribution of whistler‐mode chorus waves observed on the THEMIS spacecraft
[1] Whistler mode chorus waves are receiving increased scientific attention due to their important roles in both acceleration and loss processes of radiation belt electrons. A new global survey ofExpand