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Multi-Addressed Fiber Bragg Structures for Microwave-Photonic Sensor Systems
The new theory and technique of Multi-Addressed Fiber Bragg Structure (MAFBS) usage in Microwave Photonics Sensor Systems (MPSS) is presented. Expand
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Microwave photonic polyharmonic probing for fiber optical telecommunication structures and measuring systems sensors monitoring
In this article, the advantages of the unity of sensory and telecommunication approaches will be shown, using examples of monitoring systems for second-generation telecommunication passive opticalExpand
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Aero-acoustic cartography as nondestructive method for turbomachine rotor blade monitoring based on fiber optic sensors localized at a nozzle cross section
The article is about gas air stream modeling at a nozzle cross section of a turbomachine for steady and unsteady operating mode, the mathematical model is assigned, which describes acoustic processesExpand
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Modeling and optimization of microwave heating in cylindrical volumes
This paper considers the problem of formation and optimization of the electromagnetic fields in dielectrics, filling a metal cylinder. The results of mathematical modeling of dielectric heating ofExpand
Original Solution of Coupled Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations for Simulation of Ultrashort Optical Pulse Propagation in a Birefringent Fiber
This paper discusses approaches to the numerical integration of the coupled nonlinear Schrodinger equations system, different from the generally accepted approach based on the method of splitting according to physical processes. Expand
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В данной статье обсуждаются вопросы контроля параметров процесса микроволновой переработки куриного помета в топливные брикеты. Необходимость описанного в статье технологического комплексаExpand
Numerical Method for Coupled Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations in Few Mode Fiber
This paper discusses approaches to the numerical integration of the coupled nonlinear Schrödinger equations system in case of few-mode wave propagation. The wave propagation assumes the propagationExpand
Numerical approaches to solving the Schrödinger non-linear equations system for wave propagation in an optical fiber
The paper discusses approaches to the numerical integration of the second-kind Manakov equation system. Emphasis is placed on the transition from writing equations in dimensional quantities toExpand
Optimization of microwave heating of dielectrics taking into account errors in amplitudes of the excitation electromagnetic field emitters
The effect of random errors of the currents in the emitters of multi-element radiating system on the efficiency of microwave heating of dielectric is studied. Relationships are obtained for findingExpand