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Soft versus Critical Global Citizenship Education
At the end of a ‘Make Poverty History7 (MPH) training session for activists, as an inspiration for a group of about 30 young people to write their action plans’, a facilitator conducts the followingExpand
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Actionable Postcolonial Theory in Education
PART I: POSTCOLONIALISMS AND POSTCOLONIAL THEORIES Contextualizing Postcolonialisms and Postcolonial Theories Homi Bhabha's Contribution and Critics Gayatri Spivak's Contribution and CriticsExpand
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Book Review: Red skin, white masks: Rejecting the colonial politics of recognition
Red skin, white masks: Rejecting the colonial politics of recognition. Coulthard, Glen. (2014). Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press. 179 pp. ISBN: 978- 0- 0166- 7965- 2.
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(Towards) decoloniality and diversality in global citizenship education
This article focuses on the geo- and body-politics of knowledge production related to global citizenship education. It introduces a set of concepts and questions, developed in the work of (mainly)Expand
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Mapping interpretations of decolonization in the context of higher education
This article presents a social cartography of responses to the violences of modernity and uses this cartography to analyse different meanings and practices of decolonization in the context of higherExpand
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Epistemological Pluralism
This paper offers a brief analysis of aspects related to the significance and the complexities of introducing “different” epistemologies in higher education teaching and learning. We start byExpand
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Editor's Preface: HEADS UP
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Towards Different Conversations About the Internationalization of Higher Education
The acceleration of institutional commitments to "internationalize" higher education over the past few decades has resulted in a pressing need for reflection on the practice, pedagogy, and study ofExpand
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The educational challenges of imagining the world differently
ABSTRACT This article presents some reflections on the dynamics, paradoxes and gaps in academic discussions of international development education, especially in initiatives related to internationalExpand
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