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Moxonidine improves glycaemic control in mildly hypertensive, overweight patients: a comparison with metformin
Aim:  To compare the effects of moxonidine and metformin on glycaemic control in patients with impaired glucose tolerance and signs of the metabolic syndrome.
Antianginal Effects of Trimetazidine and Left Ventricular Function Improvement in Patients with Stable Angina Pectoris
This study confirms the antianginal and anti-ischemic efficacy of single dose and long-term treatment with trimetazidine and significantly improved most stress test parameters, after a single doses and after 1 month of treatment. Expand
[Use of lipostabil to correct lipid metabolism disorders in patients with ischemic heart disease].
A comparative study of biochemical and immunologic patterns showed lipostabil treatment to be effective in less than half of the patients with unstable angina. A method is developed for in vitroExpand
Correction of hypertensive cardiac remodelling: comparison of different antihypertensive therapies.
The data suggest that on the basis of the influence on cardiac remodelling no preference for any studied drug can be discerned and long-term treatment with all types of selected drugs improves cardiac structure and function independently of their antihypertensive action. Expand
Atrial and digitalis-like natriuretic hormones in essential hypertension under functional loading.
The role of ANP and DLF in hypertension are likely to be compensatory and directed against water-electrolyte metabolism disorders associated with elevated arterial pressure. Expand
[The sites of high affinity binding of L-[3H]glutamic acid in human platelets. A new type of platelet receptor?].
The total membrane fraction of human platelets was found to contain high affinity sites of L-[3H]glutamic acid binding and the presence of a glutamate-sensitive receptor complex similar to the central nervous system glutamate receptor is postulated. Expand
[Natriuretic hormones (atrial and digitalis-like) in patients with arterial hypertension during exercise].
The levels of the hormones were shown to be correlated between them and with blood pressures and the activity of the renin-angiotension-aldosterone system and it was suggested that the natriuretic hormones might play a compensatory role in the pathogenesis of essential hypertension. Expand
Role of the stromal microenvironment in regulation of bone-marrow hematopoiesis after administration of dipyridamole
A. G. Aleksandrovich and S. S. Timoshin, Byull. l~ksp. Biol. Med., No. 8, 209 (1989). G. M. Kalivetskaya, S. S. Timoshin, A. A. Lykov, et al., Byull. l~ksp. Biol. Med., No. 4, 92 (1982). S. S.Expand
[Role of stromal microenvironment in the regulation of bone marrow hemopoiesis after curantyl administration].
Role of the stromal microenvironment in regulation of bone marrow hemopoiesis at the administration of the thrombocyte disaggregant curantyl was studied by the method of heterotopic transplantation of the mice bone marrow and it is revealed that a phenomenon of ineffective megakaryocytopoiedis with intramedullary destruction ofmegakaryocytes leads to the local excretion of the THGF, which has a compensatory character. Expand