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Historical colonization and demography of the Mediterranean damselfish, Chromis chromis
The data suggested a western origin of C. chromis, most likely within the Mediterranean, with a genetic break at the Peloponnese, Greece, with directional and eastbound gene flow between western and eastern groups.
Breeding ecology and nest aggregations in a population of Salaria pavo (Pisces: Blenniidae) in an area where nest sites are very scarce
In this population of S. pavo, there is virtually no defended territory around the nest, a situation not known for other blenniid species, and this pattern of nest aggregation implies both strong competition among males and reduction of aggression between neighbour parental fishes.
Reading the history of a hybrid fish complex from its molecular record.
Social Modulation of Sex Steroid Concentrations in the Urine of Male Cichlid FishOreochromis mossambicus
Social interactions may have an important modulatory effect on sex steroid concentrations in Cichlid fish Oreochromis mossambicus.
Juvenile recruitment, growth and maturation of Lipophrys pholis (Pisces: Blenniidae), from the west coast of Portugal
Data on the juvenile recruitment, growth and size at maturation of Lipophrys pholis in Portuguese waters are compared with the information available on the biology of this species at higher
Sound production during courtship and spawning of Oreochromis mossambicus: male–female and male–male interactions
It is suggested that the acoustic emissions in this species may play a role in advertising the presence and spawning readiness of males and in synchronizing gamete release.
Patterns of diversity of the north-eastern Atlantic blenniid fish fauna (Pisces: Blenniidae)
This paper presents an analysis of the distributional patterns of blenniids (Pisces: Blenniidae) in the north-eastern Atlantic. Two peaks of species diversity were found, both in terms of number of