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1100 x 1100 port MEMS-based optical crossconnect with 4-dB maximum loss
We present a microelectromechanical systems-based beam steering optical crossconnect switch core with port count exceeding 1100, featuring mean fiber-to-fiber insertion loss of 2.1 dB and maximumExpand
Wavelength-selective 1/spl times/K switches using free-space optics and MEMS micromirrors: theory, design, and implementation
The design and performance of several generations of wavelength-selective 1/spl times/K switches are reviewed. These optical subsystems combine the functionality of a demultiplexer, per-wavelengthExpand
Wavelength add-drop switching using tilting micromirrors
This paper describes a single-mode optical fiber switch which routes individual signals into and out of a wavelength multiplexed data stream without interrupting the remaining channels. The switchExpand
Quantum Mechanical Actuation of Microelectromechanical Systems by the Casimir Force
The Casimir force is the attraction between uncharged metallic surfaces as a result of quantum mechanical vacuum fluctuations of the electromagnetic field. We demonstrate the Casimir effect inExpand
Nonlinear micromechanical Casimir oscillator.
The Casimir force between uncharged metallic surfaces originates from quantum-mechanical zero-point fluctuations of the electromagnetic field. We demonstrate that this quantum electrodynamical effectExpand
Fully provisioned 112/spl times/112 micro-mechanical optical crossconnect with 35.8 Tb/s demonstrated capacity
A scalable, fully provisioned 112/spl times/112 micro-mechanical optical cross connect with mean insertion loss of 7.5 dB@1550 nm into single-mode optical fiber and <10 ms switching speed isExpand
Giant Piezoelectricity on Si for Hyperactive MEMS
High-quality piezoelectric thin films are grown and exhibit superior properties for microelectromechanical systems. Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) incorporating active piezoelectric layersExpand
A silicon MEMS optical switch attenuator and its use in lightwave subsystems
A single-mode fiber connectorized microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) reflective optical switch attenuator operating in the 1550-nm wavelength region is described. The device consists of anExpand
Compact nanomechanical plasmonic phase modulators
Researchers exploit the strong dependence of gap-plasmon phase velocity on gap width to make a compact phase-modulator. An electromechanically variable gap size enables a 23-μm-long non-resonantExpand
Strong Casimir force reduction through metallic surface nanostructuring
The Casimir force between bodies in vacuum can be understood as arising from their interaction with an infinite number of fluctuating electromagnetic quantum vacuum modes, resulting in a complexExpand