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Soliton-based matter-wave interferometer
We consider a matter wave bright soliton interferometer composed of a harmonic potential trap with a Rosen--Morse barrier at its center on which an incident soliton collides and splits into twoExpand
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Single-site addressing of ultracold atoms beyond the diffraction limit via position-dependent adiabatic passage
We propose a single-site addressing implementation based on the subwavelength localization via adiabatic passage (SLAP) technique. We consider a sample of ultracold neutral atoms loaded into aExpand
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Topological edge states with ultracold atoms carrying orbital angular momentum in a diamond chain
We study the single-particle properties of a system formed by ultracold atoms loaded into the manifold of $l=1$ Orbital Angular Momentum (OAM) states of an optical lattice with a diamond chainExpand
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Disordered spinor Bose-Hubbard model
We study the zero-temperature phase diagram of the disordered spin-1 Bose-Hubbard model in a two-dimensional square lattice. To this aim, we use a mean-field Gutzwiller ansatz and a probabilisticExpand
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Blue-detuned optical ring trap for Bose-Einstein condensates based on conical refraction.
We present a novel approach for the optical manipulation of neutral atoms in annular light structures produced by the phenomenon of conical refraction occurring in biaxial optical crystals. For aExpand
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Light spectral filtering based on spatial adiabatic passage
We present the first experimental realization of a light spectral filter based on the spatial adiabatic passage technique. We demonstrate that a fully integrable CMOS-compatible system of threeExpand
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Coherent patterning of matter waves with subwavelength localization
Recently, there have been several proposals for subwavelength atom localization based on the interaction of three-level atoms with light having space-dependent amplitude [1,2]. In all these proposalsExpand
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Adiabatic Passage of Light in CMOS-Compatible Silicon Oxide Integrated Rib Waveguides
A fully complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor-compatible adiabatic passage of light in the visible range is presented in this letter. We experimentally show that a system of three total internalExpand
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Electromagnetically induced transparency in Doppler-broadened three-level systems with resonant standing-wave drive
We study electromagnetically induced transparency for a probe travelling-wave (TW) laser field in closed Doppler-broadened three-level systems driven by a resonant standing-wave (SW) laser field ofExpand
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Single-atom interferometer based on two-dimensional spatial adiabatic passage
In this work we propose a novel single-atom interferometer based on a fully two-dimensional spatial adiabatic passage process using a system of three identical harmonic traps in a triangularExpand
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