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Strain improvement of Sporosarcina pasteurii for enhanced urease and calcite production
Phenotypic mutants of Sporosarcina pasteurii (previously known as Bacillus pasteurii) (MTCC 1761) were developed by UV irradiation to test their ability to enhance urease activity and calciteExpand
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Lactose mother liquor as an alternative nutrient source for microbial concrete production by Sporosarcina pasteurii
Microbiologically induced calcite precipitation by the bacterium Sporosarcina pasteurii (NCIM 2477) using the industrial effluent of the dairy industry, lactose mother liquor (LML) as growth mediumExpand
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Characterization of Urease and Carbonic Anhydrase Producing Bacteria and Their Role in Calcite Precipitation
Urease and carbonic anhydrase (CA) are key enzymes in the chemical reaction of living organisms and have been found to be associated with calcification in a number of microorganisms andExpand
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Biomineralization based remediation of As(III) contaminated soil by Sporosarcina ginsengisoli.
Arsenic is a highly toxic metalloid and has posed high risk to the environment. As(III) is highly mobile in soil and leached easily into groundwater. The current remediation techniques are notExpand
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Microbial Concrete: Way to Enhance the Durability of Building Structures
Natural processes, such as weathering, faults, land subsidence, earthquakes, and human activities, create fractures and fissures in concrete structures that can reduce the service life of theExpand
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Effect of calcifying bacteria on permeation properties of concrete structures
Microbially enhanced calcite precipitation on concrete or mortar has become an important area of research regarding construction materials. This study examined the effect of calcite precipitationExpand
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Concentrations of Heavy Metals and Arsenic in Market Rice Grain and Their Potential Health Risks to the Population of Fuzhou, China
ABSTRACT Heavy metals and As in rice are of increasing concern in China. In this study, concentrations of Pb, Cd, Cu, Cr, Sb, Ni, and As in rice collected from markets in Fuzhou, China, wereExpand
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Improved strength and durability of fly ash-amended concrete by microbial calcite precipitation
Fly ash acts as a partial replacement material for both Portland cement and fine aggregate. An innovative approach of microbial calcite precipitation in fly ash-amended concrete has beenExpand
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Phosphate solubilization by a wild type strain and UV-induced mutants of Aspergillus tubingensis
Phenotypic mutants of Aspergillus tubingensis were obtained by UV irradiation and phosphate solubilization ability of these mutants were studied and compared with the wild type strain. Low phosphateExpand
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Biomineralization for sustainable construction - A review of processes and applications
Abstract Modern civilization is facing the dichotomy of rapid development of infrastructure that makes concrete as most traded material on the earth other than water. However, the production ofExpand
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