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[Comparative analysis of clinical data on pigmented villonodular synovitis and sarcoma of the soft tissues of the legs].
Comparison of data on 278 patients with soft tissue sarcomas of lower extremities and pigmentary villonodular synovitis shows the absence of any definite symptoms of these diseases. Expand
[Treatment of lung metastasis in patients with soft-tissue sarcoma].
All the 46 patients treated for symptoms died within two years after detection of lung metastasis and Chemotherapy proved effective in the treatment of multiple metastasis when detected shortly after removal of the first lesion. Expand
[Surgical, combined and comprehensive treatment of malignant soft tissue tumors].
According to the authors' data the total 5 years' survival among 444 cases, subjected to radical operations for malignant tumors of the soft tissues, constituted 51.6% and proved to be practicallyExpand
[The choice of the extent of the surgical intervention in patients with soft-tissue tumors of the trunk].
Five out of ten cases with tumor of the abdominal wall survived over 5 years, and a 2-3-cm margin should be left around the palpable mass when intramuscular sarcoma is removed. Expand