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[Current possibilities and perspectives of the combined treatment of patients with severe bronchopulmonary diseases].
The treatment proves strong tendency to normalization of the immune system (ceruloplasmin level, CIC, catalase, immunoglobulins) along with clinical signs regression. Expand
[Model UF-2 mutant of Staphylococcus aureus 209 P for titrating Vibrio cholera enterotoxin].
The rapid method for the titration of the enterotoxin in the dehydrogenase suppression test with the use of the bacterial model is proposed. Expand
[Dynamics of changes in antibiotic sensitivity of Vibrio cholerae 01, isolated from environmental objects].
The analysis of the dynamics of the antibiotic susceptibility of 442 strains of V. cholerae 01 isolated within 1986-1994 from the environment showed that the susceptibility level was different and there were definite difficulties in the detection of the cultures with antibiotic susceptibility characteristic of various regions because of their different origin. Expand
[Seasonal fluctuations in the enteropathogenic properties of vibrios].
In highly toxigenic cultures the phase of rest has been found to be considerably shorter than in cultures with low toxigenicity, and the cyclic changes in the toxin-producing function of vibrios are suggested to be the main reason of the seasonal character of infections caused by cholera and NAG vibRIos. Expand