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Removal of iron and manganese using biological roughing up flow filtration technology.
The removal of iron and manganese from groundwater using biological treatment methods is almost unknown in Latin America. Biological systems used in Europe are based on the process of double rapidExpand
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Simultaneous removal of arsenic and fluoride from groundwater by coagulation-adsorption with polyaluminum chloride.
The ArCIS-UNR® arsenic and fluoride removal system which consists of a coagulation-adsorption process with initial pH adjustment and two filtration stages (up-flow gravel roughing filtration andExpand
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Environmental Bacteria Involved in Manganese(II) Oxidation and Removal From Groundwater
The presence of iron (Fe) and manganese (Mn) in groundwater is an important concern in populations that use it as source of drinking water. The ingestion of high concentrations of these metals mayExpand
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Remoción de arsénico (As) y fluoruros (F-) en aguas subterráneas mediante coagulación, adsorción y doble filtración
La presencia del Arsenico (As) en aguas destinadas a bebida ha ocasionado la diseminacion del Hidroarsenicismo Cronico Regional Endemico (HACRE), enfermedad que se manifiesta principalmente porExpand
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Transformation of an existing physicochemical plant for iron and manganese removal by the application of biological processes
A system for removing iron and manganese in groundwater, based on biofiltration technology, was developed at the Center of Sanitary Engineering of the National University of Rosario, Argentina. ThisExpand
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