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Pathogenesis and surgical treatment of migraine and neurovascular headaches with rhinogenic trigger
Patients (299) with various types of headaches (migraines, cluster headaches, and so‐called idiopathic headaches) were operated on between 1973 and 1991. Septal correction, resection of the middleExpand
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Morphogenetic analysis of the effects of juvenile hormone analogues and other morphogenetically active substances on embryos of Schistocerca gregaria (Forskål).
  • V. A. Novák
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of embryology and experimental morphology
  • 1 February 1969
One of the basic assumptions of the author9s gradient-factor theory of insect morphogenesis is that the effects of the hypothetical gradient-factor on tissue growth can be reproduced by the juvenileExpand
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[Evolution of the social life].
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Effect of neurohormones C-1 and D-1 on spontaneous electrical activity of the central nervous system of the cockroach.
Abstract The effect of neurohormones D1 and C1 obtained by chromatographic isolation from the brains and corpora cardiaca on autorhythmic activity of the central nervous system of the cockroachExpand
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Pathogenesis and surgical therapy of migraine attacks caused by weather (Foehn) and menstruation.
This work reports for the first time on the pathological background and the successful definitive surgical treatment of migraine attacks caused by weather (Foehn) changes, menstruation, nutritionExpand
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The evolution of prebiological self-organization: Probable colloid-chemical evolution of first prokaryotic cells
This is an attempt to analyse the mechanisms of self-assembly in the course of the origin and early evolution of life on the Earth. A special attention is paid to the investigation of transientExpand
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Versuch einer zusammenfassenden Darstellung der postembryonalen Entwicklung der Insekten. Die Gradient-Faktor-Theorie der Insektenmetamorphose.
Die vorliegende Arbeit ermoglicht eine einheitliche Erklarung des Wesens und der Entstehung der Insektenmetamorphose. Sie beruht auf der vom Verfasser vorausgesetzten Existenz eines fur das WachstumExpand
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