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Human Parasitism by the Brown Dog Tick
Out of 643 collections of the brown dog tick, Rhipicephalus sanguineus (Latreille), from the United States only 13 were from humans and only 4 of these were biting records, indicating that R. sanguinus is not a major human parasite.
Radiological survey of plants, animals, and soil in micronesia
In 1974 the Laboratory of Radiation Ecology began a program to determine the radionuclides found in foods, plants, animals, and soils of the Central Pacific. As part of this program the present study
Application of EDTA to Titrimetric Determination of Nickel in Nonferrous Alloys
A method is described for the titrimetric determination of nickel in nonferrous alloys, using EDTA. Separation and purification of nickel are accomplished by double precipitation with
Stability of sera.
Amchitka radiobiological program progress report, January 1975--December 1975
Begun in 1970, the Amchitka Radiobiological Program is a continuing program to collect biological and environmental samples for radiometric analyses. This report is an account of the program for