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Different Thermodynamic Theories and Different Heat Conduction Laws
Abstract We present an overview of the modern approaches to continuum nonequilibrium thermodynamics from the perspective of their connection with the problem of heat conduction with finite speed. The
Entropy Principle and Recent Results in Non-Equilibrium Theories
We present the state of the art on the modern mathematical methods of exploiting the entropy principle in thermomechanics of continuous media. A survey of recent results and conceptual discussions of
Nonlocal effects and second sound in a nonequilibrium steady state
The influence of weakly nonlocal effects on the speed of second sound along or against the direction of a nonvanishing average heat flow is explored in a formalism based on a dynamical nonequilibrium
Nonlinear evolution and stability of the heat flow in nanosystems: Beyond linear phonon hydrodynamics
A heat transport equation incorporating nonlocal and nonlinear contributions of the heat flux is derived in the framework of weakly nonlocal nonequilibrium thermodynamics. The motivation for these
Hyperbolic heat conduction with variable relaxation time
There are several competing phenomenological models for the propagation of heat pulses. The semi-empirical heat conduction model uses the internal variable approach. It was previously shown that this
An extension of Liu procedure in weakly nonlocal thermodynamics
An extension of the celebrated Liu procedure for the exploitation of second law of thermodynamics is proposed. The new method is applied to investigate weakly nonlocal extended thermodynamics of
Gradient generalization to internal state variables and a theory of superfluidity
Main properties of liquid helium regarded as starting points of the model developed in the paper are presented. Thermomechanical balance equations together with the second law of thermodynamics are