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Nucleotide excision repair pathway assessment in DNA exposed to low-intensity red and infrared lasers
Low-intensity lasers are used for prevention and management of oral mucositis induced by anticancer therapy, but the effectiveness of treatment depends on the genetic characteristics of affectedExpand
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Composição e riqueza de espécies de anfíbios anuros em três diferentes habitat em um agrossistema no Cerrado do Brasil central
A plasticidade adaptativa tem sido postulada como um fator importante para explicar a distribuicao e abundância de especies em habitat com diferentes niveis de variacao ambiental e a heterogeneidadeExpand
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An unusual prey item for the yellow tail cribo Drymarchon corais Boie 1827, in the Brazilian Savannah
amphisbaenians (Marques and Sazima, 2004). Previous records on predation of amphisbaenians by snakes include those of Barun and Perry (2003), which reported the predation of Amphisbaena fenestrata byExpand
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New records and distribution extensions of three species of Mesoclemmys Gray, 1863 (Testudines: Chelidae) in Mato Grosso state, Brazil, with observations on terrestrial movements
Distribution patterns of most of the 20 Neotropical freshwater turtles belonging to the family Chelidae are usually based on few locality records. We here report on vouchered records of three speciesExpand
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Detection and use of foraging trails of the leaf-cutting ant Atta laevigata (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) by Amphisbaena alba (Reptilia: Squamata)
Se provee informacion sobre un individuo de Amphisbaena alba (Reptilia: Squamata) que reconoce y usa un sendero de la hormiga cortadora de hojas Atta laevigata (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) en la sabanaExpand
New records and geographic distribution map of Elachistocleis magnus Toledo, 2010 (Anura: Microhylidae)
New locality records and distribution map for the recently described Elachistocleis magnus are here presented. Expand
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Building Regulations and Existing Buildings: Setting the Requirements on Structural Safety in Portugal
This paper deals with the application of building regulations to the rehabilitation of existing buildings, taking a recent Government initiative to deregulate construction works in existing buildingsExpand