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Phylogenetic classification of Pleurothecium and Pleurotheciella gen. nov. and its dactylaria-like anamorph (Sordariomycetes) based on nuclear ribosomal and protein-coding genes
Two strains of an unidentified perithecial ascomycete with a dactylaria-like anamorph and another morphologically similar strain of a dactylaria-like fungus were collected on decaying wood submergedExpand
Disentangling Phialophora section Catenulatae: disposition of taxa with pigmented conidiophores and recognition of a new subclass, Sclerococcomycetidae (Eurotiomycetes)
A new genus Rhopalophora is described for Phialophora clavispora, a lignicolous species formerly placed in Phialophora section Catenulatae that possesses pigmented conidiophores, phialides with aExpand
Access to enantiopure aromatic epoxides and diols using epoxide hydrolases derived from total biofilter DNA
Abstract Metagenomic DNA is a rich source of genes encoding novel epoxide hydrolases (EHs). We retrieved two genes encoding functional EHs from total DNA isolated from biofilter-derived biomass,Expand
Newly recognised lineages of perithecial ascomycetes: the new orders Conioscyphales and Pleurotheciales
Phylogenetic analyses of DNA sequences from nuclear ribosomal and protein-coding loci support the placement of several perithecial ascomycetes and dematiaceous hyphomycetes from freshwater andExpand
Phylogenetic Reconstruction of the Calosphaeriales and Togniniales Using Five Genes and Predicted RNA Secondary Structures of ITS, and Flabellascus tenuirostris gen. et sp. nov.
The Calosphaeriales is revisited with new collection data, living cultures, morphological studies of ascoma centrum, secondary structures of the internal transcribed spacer (ITS) rDNA and phylogenyExpand
Two new lineages of aquatic ascomycetes: Atractospora gen. nov. and Rubellisphaeria gen. et sp. nov., and a sexual morph of Myrmecridium montsegurinum sp. nov.
Two new genera, Atractospora and Rubellisphaeria, are described for perithecial ascomycetes occurring on decaying wood submerged in freshwater habitats. Their relationships with other morphologicallyExpand
Molecular phylogeny of Boliniales (Sordariomycetes) with an assessment of the systematics of Apiorhynchostoma, Endoxyla and Pseudovalsaria
The systematics of the ascomycete genera Apiorhynchostoma, Endoxyla and Pseudovalsaria are reevaluated based on the comparison of cultural characteristics, teleomorph morphology and DNA sequenceExpand
Molecular systematics of Barbatosphaeria (Sordariomycetes): multigene phylogeny and secondary ITS structure
Thirteen morphologically similar strains of barbatosphaeria- and tectonidula-like fungi were studied based on the comparison of cultural and morphological features of sexual and asexual morphs andExpand
Pisorisporiales, a new order of aquatic and terrestrial fungi for Achroceratosphaeria and Pisorisporium gen. nov. in the Sordariomycetes
Four morphologically similar specimens of an unidentified perithecial ascomycete were collected on decaying wood submerged in fresh water. Phylogenetic analysis of DNA sequences from protein-codingExpand
Cloning of an epoxide hydrolase-encoding gene from Aspergillus niger M200, overexpression in E. coli, and modification of activity and enantioselectivity of the enzyme by protein engineering.
The gene encoding an epoxide hydrolase from Aspergillus niger M200 has been cloned and its sequence determined. The gene is interrupted by seven introns, one exon being only nine nucleotides long.Expand