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The secretory activity of the SCO cells ofLacerta s.sicula Raf. is strongly reduced during the winter. Such reduction is documented by the decrease of the number of secretory granules type A and B described in previous papers in the summer SCO cells. Also the sacks of RER filled with electron-dense material (type C secretion) are very few; in their place(More)
In order to study the possible functional relationship between the adrenal gland and the subcommissural organ (SCO) in the lizard Lacerta s. sicula Raf., ACTH was administered to some specimens of this species in January when both the adrenal gland and the subcommissural organ have a very low activity. In comparison to untreated controls, the adrenals of(More)
The anatomic-microscopic and cytological aspects of the lateral lobes of adenohypophysis of Psammodromus algirus have been studied. Along the whole of its extension, the 'pars tuberalis' appears to be separated from the hypothalamic region by a space of 1600 A with a winding course filled with fibrillar matrix. The main inclusions of 'pars tuberalis' cells(More)
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