V. Z. Jonas

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Both digital imaging, and image processing in certain areas of medical sciences is evolving quickly nowadays. Pathology is one of these fields. A digital slide is the digitized version of the good old glass slides used in pathology at least from the 1850s. These digital slides are possibly the near future of pathology in terms of repeatability of diagnosis,(More)
Cancer research and diagnostics is an important frontier to apply the power of computers. Image processing gains more and more territory in pathology, our current study aims to apply image cytometry to this area. One of the most fundamental methods is ploidy analysis that aims to measure the pace of proliferation in the tissue. This is proven to be a good(More)
The aim of our work was to design and implement a software solution, which supports quantitative histological analysis of hematoxilin eozin (HE) stained colon tissue samples, identify tissue structures - nuclei, glands and epithelium - using image processing methods. Furthermore, based on the result of the histological segmentation, it gives a suggestion(More)
It is possible that in Czech a vowel is consistently longer before a tautosyllabic voiced as opposed to voiceless obstruent. The main purpose of this study was to determine if this hypothesized variation interacts with the perception of vowel quantity. Two experiments were conducted that examined the effect of a voiceless vs. devoiced coda context and of a(More)
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