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These guidelines provide an up-date of previous IFCN report on "Non-invasive electrical and magnetic stimulation of the brain, spinal cord and roots: basic principles and procedures for routine clinical application" (Rossini et al., 1994). A new Committee, composed of international experts, some of whom were in the panel of the 1994 "Report", was selected(More)
  • V Narasimhan, K A Hunt, Mason, Baker, Karczewski, Barnes +54 others
  • 2016
Complete gene knockouts are highly informative about gene function. We exome sequenced 3,222 British Pakistani­heritage adults with high parental relatedness, discovering 1,111 rare­variant homozygous likely loss of function (rhLOF) genotypes predicted to disrupt (knockout) 781 genes.​ ​ Based on depletion of rhLOF genotypes, we estimate that 13.6% of(More)
Neuropsychological deficits of memory and spatial perception have been associated with substance abuse. The present study assessed the degree to which verbal abstraction is impaired in substance abusers because this function typically is reduced in diffuse cerebral disorders. Test scores of 100 consecutively admitted substance-abusing patients indicated(More)
Eye tracking abnormalities have been proposed as a trait marker for schizophrenia on the basis of their familial prevalence and the consistency of tracking over time in clinically stable patients. However, few studies have examined stability through acute episodes of illness, and most studies have not analyzed changes in different forms of eye movements.(More)
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