V Walraevens

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The amino acid sequence of the cysteine proteinase CC-III from the latex of the subtropical species Carica candamarcensis Hook has been determined with the exception of seven residues (pos. 180-186). It was deduced from the sequence analysis of the whole chain and peptides obtained by tryptic, chymotryptic, peptic and thermolysinolytic hydrolysis. CC-III(More)
The dried latex of the mountain papaya, Carica candamarcensis, was chromatographed on CM-Sephadex C50, giving rise to three peaks (CCI, CCII and CCIII) with amidase activity on N-alpha-benzoyl-DL-arginine-4-nitroanilide. The less basic, most active, peak, CCI, was separated into two components, CCIa and CCIb, by reverse-phase HPLC under denaturing(More)
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