V. Vuorenkoski

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We have measured basal, lowest and highest voice frequency (BF, LF, HF), using a simple method, in (1) 372 normal subjects: children and adolescents at ages 6, 8 and 10 years and at the different pubic hair stages (PH), and adults; (2) 71 children with different types of growth failure, and (3) 48 boys with delayed growth and maturation and 31 girls with(More)
A harsh, low pitch voice is evidently one of the hallmarks in congenital hypothyroidism. We have described the significance of voice analysis in a developmental study of three newborn and young infants and seven older children of congenital hypothyroidism. The voice analyses have been made with Cry Analyser (Vuorenkoski, L. et al: Acta Paediat Scand 1973:(More)
A preliminary report is given on the use of sound spectrographic techniques for the study of the non-verbal means at the disposal of the newborn child or the small infant to express itself to the environment. Certain types of signals were found to be common in the non-verbal cry of different infants. A typical sonogram is described in detail.