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[1] The SEA‐CALIPSO experiment in December 2007 incorporated a sea‐based airgun source, and seismic recorders both on Montserrat and on the adjacent sea floor. A high quality subset of the data was used for a first arrival P‐wave velocity tomographic study. A total of more than 115,000 traveltime data from 4413 airgun shots, and 58 recording stations, were(More)
The results of the intranasal vaccination of pups in the presence of maternally derived antibodies (MDA) to canine parvovirus (CPV) are reported. The minimal immunising dose of the modified live virus vaccine was evaluated in eighteen pups from three litters. Eight pups were vaccinated intranasally with 10(5.50) TCID50/ml of CPV vaccine. Another 8 pups were(More)
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