V. Viji Rajendran

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The Resource management in a grid environment is complex. Scheduling strategy plays an important role in the grid environment to schedule the user jobs, and dispatch them to appropriate grid resources. A good task scheduling method is essential to reduce the total time taken for job execution in the grid. In a grid environment, the jobs are processed at the(More)
We introduce the notion of fuzzy lattice of groups and investigated some of its basic properties. We also study the homomorphic image, pre-image of fuzzy lattices, arbitrary family of fuzzy lattices and lattice fuzzy normal groups using T-norms. we introduce the notion of sensible fuzzy lattice in groups and some related properties of lattices are discussed.
UNLABELLED Mycobacteriophage genome database (MGDB) is an exclusive repository of the 64 completely sequenced mycobacteriophages with annotated information. It is a comprehensive compilation of the various gene parameters captured from several databases pooled together to empower mycobacteriophage researchers. The MGDB (Version No.1.0) comprises of 6086(More)
The challenge of assimilation of the accumulating wealth of information necessitates the urge for having a comprehensive database. Such database can be used as an important tool in assisting scientists to decipher a host of biological phenomena ranging from the structure of biomolecules and their interaction to the whole metabolism of organisms and the(More)
Kutaja bija, Kudasappalai or Inderjou is an important seed drug in Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani Medicines. The market sample of Madras Crude drug trade has been identified in our laboratory as the seeds of Holarrhena - anti - dysenterica wall of the family Apocynaceae. The morphology, anatomy, fluorescence analysis and chemical studies of the drugs are(More)