V. Vasudha Rani

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This paper describes a new policy to schedule parallel jobs on Clusters that may be part of a Computational Grid. This algorithm proposed 3 Job Queues. In each Cluster, some number of resources is assigned to each of the Queue. The 1st Queue has some jobs which has low expected execution time(EET). The 2nd Queue has some jobs which has high expected(More)
The financial enrichment of companies and other corporates induces the illegal hackers to penetrate into the servers and their typical networks. They attack the network against vulnerable service, data driven attacks on applications, host based attacks like privilege escalation, unauthorized logins [1] and access to sensitive files or through malware like(More)
Electricity has become are indispensable component in the lives of all today. Street lights are one of the most crucial parts for public sector and urban areas. The traditional street lighting System which controlled manually has disadvantages like high power consumption, high cost and there is no effective monitoring system. This paper is proposes an(More)
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