V. Vaithiyanathan

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Communication has become wireless. The free airwaves are being beneficially and optimally leveraged to transmit multimedia data including human voice and thereby today cable-free environments are seeing the light. That is, all the clutter and chaos due to enormous amount of intertwined wires and cables for networking has become a thing of the past. Over the(More)
Steganography is an art of hiding the existence of secret information by embedding it in a cover and hence preventing the unauthorized access of confidential information. This paper proposes a novel approach of encrypting the plain text into cipher text and embedding it into a color image. Encryption is done in two stages, during first stage it is encrypted(More)
Transfer of secret data is an important aspect in the arena of developing technology. Privacy of data is one of the major tasks required now days. In this paper, we dealt with steganographic method using randomly generated key along with raster scan, which may include horizontal or vertical pattern, access of image pixels in order to hide a plaintext in an(More)
Association rule mining is used to uncover closely related item sets in transactions for deciding business policies. Apriori algorithm is widely adopted is association rule mining for generating closely related item sets. Traditional apriori algorithm is space and time consuming since it requires repeated scanning of whole transaction database. In this(More)
In this paper different classification techniques of Data Mining are compared using diverse datasets from University of California, Irvine(UCI). Accuracy and time required for execution by each technique is observed. The Data Mining refers to extracting or mining knowledge from huge volume of data. Classification is an important data mining technique with(More)
Image compression plays a major role in saving bandwidth and memory space which is the need of hour. In industry various components are tested effectively using NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) and this information is stored in the system. To reduce the memory space required for storing, lossless compression is used. This paper focuses on the various scanning(More)