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In this study, we report a new and original device called the "echorheometer," comprising a suction system with an ultrasound scanner (A-mode, TM-mode and B-mode) that enables the simultaneous visualization and measurement of the deformation of skin structures in vivo. With the scanner described here, high resolution is obtained using a strongly focused,(More)
We have investigated in vivo the change with age of various parameters that describe the physical properties of skin. The parameters were derived from pressure/displacement curves obtained by applying reduced pressure to a small area of skin and measuring the resulting displacement by 20 MHz scan echography. By fitting the pressure/displacement curves to a(More)
A new method for the in vivo characterization of the physical properties of skin is presented. This comprises an ultrasound device to measure the vertical displacement of the surface of the skin, as well as its thickness and that of the hypodermis under suction. In combination with this, a mathematical model is used to calculate the following skin(More)
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