V. V. Zolotarev

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Information transmission through communicational channels becomes considerably more difficult because of the disturbances and noises in the channel. An effective mean for increasing of truthworseness of transmitted information is a noiseproof coding. There is a comparison of basic algorithms of noiseproof codes decoding, based on the materials of(More)
Multithreshold decoding algorithms for self-orthogonal error-correction codes have been considered. Analytical estimations of their efficiency in the uncorrelated Rayleigh and Rician channels have been represented. Results of the computer simulation have been obtained. Possibilities to apply multithreshold decoders in combination with such technologies of(More)
The paper has considered optimal methods for decoding error correction codes which allow increasing reliability of the data transmission across noisy communication channels. The purpose of work is to solve a task to increase efficiency of decoding short block codes. The paper has suggested a very simple modification of the algorithm for decoding quasicyclic(More)
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