V. V. Zaretskii

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Non-invasive diagnostic procedures (electrocardiography, spiroergometry, polycardiography) were compared with selective coronarography and left-side radioventriculography in 132 patients with chronic post-infarction aneurysm of the heart, in order to demonstrate their respective diagnostic values for the assessment of coronary and myocardial reserves of the(More)
The indices of pulmonary ventilation and gas exchange, oxygen consumption per 1 kgm of work, the restoration coefficient, the effectiveness of work, etc. were studied at rest, during dosaged physical exertion on a bicycle ergoraph, and in the restoration period in 50 healthy individuals and in 175 patients with ischemic heart disease. Selective coronary(More)
Echocardiography was performed in the examination of 35 patients with tetralogy of Fallot and 3 patients with pentalogy of Fallot. The echocardiogram demonstrated dextrodivision of the aortic root, interruption in the continuity of the interventricular septum and the anterior wall of the aorta, incomplete image of the interventricular septum in its upper(More)
In location of the cardioelements from the intercostal spaces at the left sternal border, the anteroposterior directions of the ultrasonic beam are called standard positions of the sensor, while the right directions of the beam--the right positions of the sensor. In definite cases the use of the right positions of the sensor makes it possible to record the(More)