V. V. Voronkov

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Based on personal clinical experience the authors provide clinical guidelines for periodontal anesthesia. The by-step protocol for intraligamentary and intraseptal anesthesia is presented. The basic mistakes in technique and possible complications are described. Recommendations for a local anesthetic choice and dosage for different groups of teeth are given.
Properties of hexulose phosphate synthase (HPS) were studied in extracts of the methanol assimilating yeast Candida methylica and the bacterium Arthrobacter globiformis B-175 assimilating methylated amines. HPS is an inducible enzyme which is localized in the soluble fraction of the cells. The effect of the pH of the reaction mixture, temperature, metal(More)
The state of the art of microwave ferrite technology in Russia is reviewed. The paper gives some generalization with respect to the future progress in the field, where the one of major tasks is likely to be a development of specialized gyromagnetics for mmand sub-mm-range devices. The present state of the art and trends in developmenl. of microwave ferrites(More)
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