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The objective of the present work was to study the morphofunctional changes in maxillary sinus mucosa of the patients with odontogenic maxillary sinusitis (OMS) associated with the presence of a foreign body depending on its duration. A total of 105 hospitalized patients were examined and operated. Biopsy samples taken from mucosa and contents of the(More)
UNLABELLED The objective of the present study was to compare the effectiveness of two methods (transtympanic and intravenous) administration of steroids and standard therapy for the treatment of the patients presenting with acute sensorineural hearing impairment (OSNHI). MATERIALS AND METHODS The study included 56 patients with this pathology. 18 of them(More)
In this study, we examined and treated 50 patients presenting with polypous rhinosinusitis. In all of them, the endoscopic surgical intervention was preceded by estimation of the olfactory function. The examination was repeated within 1, 3, and 6 months after the operation. Endoscopic surgery had positive outcome; however, its beneficial effect was(More)
Frontal recess anatomy can be very complex, with accessory cells, such as frontal bulla, agger nasi, suprabulla, and frontal ethmoidal (Kuhn) cells, which may lead to obstruction of the frontal sinus. Digital volume tomography of paranasal sinuses used in this investigation revealed the rate of types of development of various anatomic structures and their(More)
A total of 226 surgical operations were made with a Coblator II plasma surgery system including tonsillectomy, uvulopalatoplasty, reduction of inferior turbinates, and removal of soft palate neoplasm. This method permitted to avoid intraoperative bleeding and reduce to 2% the frequency of hemorrhage in the postoperative period. Moreover, pain syndrome was(More)
The results of analysis of the efficiency of a new hemostatic napkin containing iron salts for the local arrest of hemorrhage in patients undergoing tonsillectomy. The application of these materials was shown to effectively stop the hemorrhage and reduce the risk of its relapse.
The objective of the study was to analyse the role of computed tomography in the evaluation of outcomes of endoscopic operations in patients with different forms of chronic sinusitis. A total of 47 patients were examined using this technique including 26 after endoscopic treatment for polypous sinusitis and 21 after the treatment of chronic purulent(More)
Management of exudative otitis media is a challenging problem in view of its high prevalence and frequent complications in the form of stable hearing loss. The highest morbidity rate is documented among 25 and 50-year old subjects which accounts for the substantially reduced level of social activity associated with this disease. Clinical examination and(More)