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A method for estimating and representing the level of action in video shots is proposed. Two shot features activity histogram and activity level for retrieving and ranking along with experimental results are presented. Introduction Common video indexing systems segment the video into shots and then represent the video as a hierarchy of shots(More)
INTRODUCTION Shewanella spp. are emerging human pathogens, the predominant species being Shewanella algae. Shewanella skin and soft tissue infections are more commonly seen in immunocompromised patients with a pre-existing cutaneous ulcer and most often associated with exposure to marine environments. AIM The study was conducted to investigate the(More)
The morbidity and the mortality associated with Staphylococcus aureus and S. epidermidis infections have greatly increased due to the rapid emergence of highly virulent and antibiotic resistant strains. Development of a vaccine-based therapy is greatly desired. However, no staphylococcal vaccine is available till date. In this study, we have identified(More)
The strategy for interpreting the role of autophagy on the basis of evidence obtained through autophagic inhibition sounds logical, but is beset with practical constraints. The knock down of autophagy-related (ATG) gene(s) or blockage of class III PI3-Kinase are the most common approaches for inhibiting autophagy. However, during stressful conditions,(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to determine the incidence of different Kennedy's classes of partial edentulism during 18 months period. MATERIALS AND METHODS Patients were clinically examined for various Kennedy's classes of partial edentulism in the outpatient department (OPD), prosthodontics, GPRDCH, Kurnool (Andhra Pradesh). RESULTS Of the(More)
AbstructA new neural network strategy for clustering is presented. The network works on the histogram and the process is similar to mode separation. The number of clusters are autonomously detected by the network and it overcomes some major difficulties encountered by mode separation techniques. Clustering is done by first selecting the prototypes and then(More)
Several dental materials have been used for core build-up procedures. Most of these materials were not specifically developed for this purpose, but as a consequence of their properties, have found application in core build-up procedures. Improvements in composites and the development of nanocomposites have led to their use as a core build up material due to(More)