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In this paper we propose algorithms for generation of frequent itemsets by successive construction of the nodes of a lexicographic tree of itemsets. We discuss diierent strategies in generation and traversal of the lexicographic tree such as breadth-rst search, depth-rst search or a combination of the two. These techniques provide diierent trade-oos in(More)
Pre- and postembedding immunocytochemical techniques were used to study the distribution of glycine immunoreactivity in the superior olivary complex of guinea pigs following kainic acid (KA) lesions of the medial nucleus of the trapezoid body (MNTB). Destruction of the MNTB by injecting 50-100 nl of 10 mM KA virtually abolished labeled neurons in the MNTB(More)
Ectopic expression of the sarcoplasmic reticulum (SR) Ca(2+) ATPase (SERCA) 1a pump in the mouse heart results in a 2.5-fold increase in total SERCA pump level. SERCA1a hearts show increased rates of contraction/relaxation and enhanced Ca(2+) transients; however, the cellular mechanisms underlying altered Ca(2+) handling in SERCA1a transgenic (TG) hearts(More)
Rats were tested for changes in shock-elicited fighting (SEF) following the chronic administration of saline (IP); lithium (Li+) (20 mEq./l tap water) + saline (IP); desipramine (DMI) (15 mg/kg, IP); and DMI + Li+ for 14 days. The repeated test trials indicated a significant decrease in SEF in Li+-saline group (p less than 0.05), a significant increase (p(More)
Maternal protein deficiency imposed on rats a month prior to conception, and during gestation and lactation, resulted in a significant cell loss in cerebrum, cerebellum, brain stem and spinal cord of pups at weaning. The cerebellum was the most affected central nervous system (CNS) region; it contained only 25% of the normal cell number. Undernourished pups(More)
Consumption of fifteen percent alcohol, during gestation did not cause any decrease in the total calorie or fluid intake of the rats maintained on normal dietary regimen. However, the alcohol consumption by gestating mothers resulted in a decreased contents of both DNA and protein in the CNS of the in utero alcohol exposed pups at birth. DNA content was(More)
— In this project, we propose a real-time embedded finger-vein recognition system (FVRS) for authentication on mobile devices. The system is implemented on an embedded platform and equipped with a novel finger-vein recognition algorithm. The proposed system consists of four hardware modules. Finger vein recognition device [1], image acquisition module [2],(More)
Changes in shock-elicited fighting (SEF) were measured following single or repeated injections (IP) of dl-propranolol (5 mg/kg, 20 mg/kg) or quipazine (1.25 mg/kg, 2.5 mg/kg) given either alone or in combination to saline or desipramine (DMI) (10 mg/kg) treated rats. DMI + propranolol (20 mg/kg) caused a greater increase in fighting than DMI + saline 18(More)
  • V V Prasad
  • 1996
The developmental profiles of sialidase, beta-galactosidase, beta-hexosaminidase and beta-glucosidase were compared to those of the gangliosides in rat brain and spinal cord. The glycosidase activities (enzyme units/g wet tissue), except beta-galactosidases, were found to be higher in brain than spinal cord, in adult rats. Among the hydrolases,(More)