V. V. Ulyanov

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For a statistic S whose distribution can be approximated by χdistributions, there is a considerable interest in constructing improved χapproximations. A typical approach is to consider a transformation T = T (S) based on the Bartlett correction or a Bartlett type correction. In this paper we consider two cases in which S is expressed as a scale mixture of a(More)
The effect of Ge deposition rate on the morphology and structural properties of self-assembled Ge/Si(001) islands was studied. Ge/Si(001) layers were grown by solid-source molecular-beam epitaxy at 500 °C. We adjusted the Ge coverage, 6 monolayers (ML), and varied the Ge growth rate by a factor of 100, R = 0.02-2 ML s(-1), to produce films consisting of(More)
Let X be a random variable with probability distribution P X concentrated on ?1; 1] and Q(x) be a polynomial of degree k 2. The characteristic function of a random variable Y = Q(X) is of order O(1=jtj 1=k) as jtj ! 1 if P X is suuciently smooth. In comparison for every " : 1=k > " > 0 there exists a singular distribution P X such that every convolution P(More)
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