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A novel method, laser interference microscopy, has been developed for studying the morphofunctional state of bacterial cells and the structure of bacterial communities. The following potentialities of the method are shown: rapid determination of the cell structure and subcellular structures (nucleus zone, vacuoles, lamellar structures) and the physiological(More)
The efficiency of the enzymatic hydrolysis of wood polysaccharides ground into ultrafine particles (UFPs) has been investigated. The content of reducing sugars (RS’s) in powdered raw materials and the yield of sugars during enzymatic hydrolysis have been shown to depend on the particle size. Laser interference microscopy and dynamic light scattering studies(More)
The basidiomycete Lentinus tigrinus was cultured in media containing copper ions added at different growth stages. Copper ions at increased concentrations decelerated of the fungal biomass accumulation. The later Cu2+ ions were added, the better the fungal mycelium developed, and the toxic effect of Cu2+ was less pronounced. The maximum laccase activity (47(More)
Changes in the chemical composition of cotton plant stems used as a substrate for solid-phase cultivation of the fungus Panus tigrinus were studied as well as the effect of these changes on properties of the pressed materials made of these stems. During the first 3 days of growth, the fungus better consumed cellulose; then, the rate of cellulose consumption(More)
Effect of hydrocortisone, NaF, and FeSO4 on ligninolytic and phosphatase activity of the fungus Lentinus (Panus) tigrinus VKM F-3616D was investigated. Hydrocortisone and NaF were shown to inhibit the enzymes of the ligninolytic complex—laccase (EC, secretory peroxidase (EC, and Mn peroxidase (EC FeSO4 exhibited no(More)
The treatment of sawdust with the fungus Panus tigrinus VKM F-3616 D changed the contents of functional groups in lignin from wood raw material. These changes are accompanied by the release of carboxyl and phenyl hydroxyl groups involved in chemical bond formation between wood particles in pressed materials manufactured from wood wastes.
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