V. V. Semchenko

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Experiments were performed on 40 Wistar rats. Total brain ischemia was induced by 10 min clamping of the cardiac blood vessels. The brains were examined in control rats, after 90 min and after 1, 3, 7, 30 and 90 days during the postresuscitation period. Histological sections were stained with the Golgi method. Morphometrical parameters, 12, of dendritic(More)
Structural bases of increased convulsive readiness of the brain in the postresuscitation period were studied in experiments. Pathogenetic mechanisms of the formation of "epithelialization" of neurons and of epileptic systems of a higher order in the brain of resuscitated animals were revealed. A stimulating effect of allotransplantation of embryonal(More)
The neuro- and synaptoarchitectonics of the sensoty-motor cortex of the brain and cerebellum was comparatively analyzed in an experiment on adult albino rats. There was a relationship between the formation of axospinal synapses to the type of organization of paramembranous cytoskeleton. A role of cytoskeleton's factors of synaptic contacts in the(More)
The influence of sudden systemic hemostasis on the change dynamics of numerical density of perforated (PS) and non-perforated (NS) interneuronal synaptic contacts in cerebral sensomotor cortex layer 1 were studied in albino rats during 30 postischemic days using electron microscopy and morphometric methods of examining the material treated with osmium and(More)
The density of synapses, the shape and size of presynaptic dense projections (PDP), and the curvature of synaptic appositions in the molecular layer of the cerebellum cortex of rat at 10 min ischaemia and after 90 min, 1, 3, 7, 30 days of re-circulation were examined using quantitative ultra-structural techniques. The numerical density of mature junctions(More)
Brain tissue staining with phosphotungstic acid was performed to assay neurofilament accumulations in synapses in the molecular layer of the rat cerebral cortex at different intervals after the animals' death. It was found that autolysis began in the dense projections of presynaptic grid. Within 30 min autolysis developed in mature and very young (immature)(More)
As demonstrate the experiments performed in rats, during the postanoxic period in the cerebral cortex neurons, the content of nuclear and cytoplasmic ribonucleoproteids changes essentially. The most labile and highly sensitive components of the protein-synthesizing system in the neuron are the perichromatin fibrillae. Then the perichromatin and(More)
Bioptic material of the cerebral cortex was studied by electron microscopy in 9 patients with brain tumors and a different degree of the hypertension syndrome. The predominance of cell swelling and marked intracellular redistribution of fluid were demonstrated. Intercellular edema appears with the increase in the severity of the hypertension syndrome. The(More)
Thermodynamic stability of subsynaptic unit system in cortex molecular layer synapses was determined experimentally in albino rats using morphometric methods as a value reciprocal to molecular layer cortex relative surface area. Increase of number of thermodynamically stable large synapses and their complication was found following asphyxia. Synapse(More)