V. V. R. Prasad

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Software projects in R&D organizations differ in their quality assurance process compared to other production and business organizations. Major hard constraints are accuracy and precision. Estimated number of defects the product is likely to contain at release shall be as minimum as possible. Various models for assessing the quality of the software are(More)
The dedicated short-range communication (DSRC) system is the evolving technique used in the field of intelligent transport system (ITS) and Electronic Toll Collection (ETC). The DSRC standards employs FM0 and Manchester encoding techniques to obtain dc-balance and enhances signal reliability. The codeword structure of FM0 and Manchester are different, thus(More)
Different pattern recognition techniques are used in various fields for different applications. Methods based on Radial basis function (RBF) neural networks are found to be very successful in pattern classification problems. Training neural network is in general a challenging nonlinear optimization problem. Several algorithms have been proposed for(More)
Use of internet is increasing to great extent and with it abnormal and malicious activities. Solving problem of these attacks is becoming a prime need of network services. Till date many techniques and algorithms are developed. All these can be summed to intrusion detection systems and firewall. In this paper we present the classification of these intrusion(More)
This paper titled " Proposed Intrusion Detection System " is an intrusion detection system (IDS) proposed by analyzing the principle of the intrusion detection system based on host and network. Here we are concentrating and analyzing overall performance as well as security of the proposed IDS. Moreover the proposed IDS approve the effectiveness of the(More)
Human behavior is essentially social and humans start their daily routines by interacting with others. There are many forms of social interactions and we have used mobile phone based social interaction features and social surveys for finding human stress behavior. For this, we gathered mobile phone call logs data set containing 111,444 voice calls of 131(More)
— Data security and encryption are now a days playing major role in Information Technology [IT] sector. Security problem generated creates exertion to the firm. They are several Digital Signature Algorithms which are useful in providing security for the issues generated. Elgamal Digital Signature [EDS] Algorithm which is used in wide applications had proved(More)
With the advent of anomaly-based intrusion detection systems, many approaches and techniques have been developed to track novel attacks on the systems. High detection rate of 98% at a low alarm rate of 1% can be achieved by using these techniques. Though anomaly-based approaches are efficient, signature-based detection is preferred for mainstream(More)
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