V. V. Prokofiev

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The polarization self-modulation effect was applied for effective measurement of the characteristic response time of nominally pure Bi(12)SiO(20) (BSO) at wavelengths of 810 and 980 nm. Owing to oxygen deficiency in the crystal lattice, the BSO crystals showed unusual photorefractive sensitivity and remarkable operation speed in the near-infrared spectral(More)
We present an analytical theory of vectorial wave coupling in photorefractive cubic crystals which are, in general, optically active. The theory is based on the systematic use of the spatial symmetry properties and the apparatus of the Pauli operators to deal with two-dimensional vectors and matrices. It allows one to give a unified description of a wide(More)
We investigate here both theoretically and experimentally light-induced scattering in (111)-cut Bi12TiO20 crystals with an external ac field. Our simple analytic solution, which is nearly as precise as the numeric one, allows us to recognize the following otherwise hidden general features. Without the elasto-optic contribution, the scattering patterns are(More)
The influence of temperature and salinity on the survival of free-living cercariae of the marine trematodes Podocotyle atomon and Renicola thaidus has been examined. It was found out, that the survival of free-living cercariae depend upon the temperature and salinity of the water.
Spontaneous electrical activity is recorded in two species of marine cercariae, Cryptocotyle lingua and Himasthla elongata, with different types of swimming-by glass microelectrode recordings. Slow local field potentials (sLFPs) of low amplitude and fast high amplitude action potentials (APs) are found. The shape of the sLFPs is different in the species and(More)
Volume holographic recording of complex images with a double phase-conjugation mirror in a fiberlike Bi(12)TiO(20) single crystal, mutually pumped by two separate He-Ne lasers, is experimentally demonstrated. Complex images can be stored and reconstructed by use of even a partial input image. The advantages of the small-cross-section, light-confining(More)
We show theoretically and experimentally that switching an applied square-wave field produces strong and short pulses of the outgoing signal during two-wave mixing in sillenite crystals. These pulses originate from the strong effect of the field on the optical eigenmodes and can be used in new optical schemes based on time-separated recording and readout(More)
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