V V Parshin

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The osteoplastic tracheobronchopathy affects the trachea, main, lobar and smaller bronchi, causing their stenosis. Nowadays the mainstay of the treatment of such patients is the cryodestruction, laser destruction and the endoscopic buginage of the trachea and bronchi. The palliative nature and low efficacy of these procedures forces to search new ways of(More)
Treatment of patients with recurrent cicatrical tracheal stenosis after previous circular tracheal resection is one of the most difficult problems in thoracic surgery at present time. In most cases repeated radical surgery as new resection is declined in favour of palliative treatment. It is often associated with lingering or perpetual preserving of T-shape(More)
The article summarizes the experience of surgical treatment of 47 patients (1964-2012 yy) with lung arteriovenous malformations (LAVM). Men were 29, women - 18. Age varied from 6 to 49 years. 20 patients had solitary lung arteriovenous malformations, the rest 27 had multiple malformations. Before 1983 the main diagnostic means was the angiopulmonography,(More)
122 patients with different diseases of the diaphragm were operated on during 1963-2011 yy. The majority of patients - 76 (62.3%) - had hernias of the weak phrenic zones. 14 (11.5%) and 17 (14.0%) patients had posttraumatic hernia and phrenic relaxation, respectively. The majority of patients had no complaints and the disease was diagnosed on the X-ray(More)
Microbiologic analysis of tracheal and gastrostomic discharge was performed in 327 patients with iatrogenic injuries of trachea and esophagus, operated during 2003-2008. Main groups of microorganisms, colonizing the tracheobronchial tree were defined. St. epidermalis was defined in 3.9-13.3%, St. aureus - in 12.4-21.1%, Ps. small a. Cyrilliceruginosa - in(More)
The authors own the experience of 4157 operations on the reason of malignant lung tumors, of them 429 (10.3%) operations were combined. The extracorporeal membrane oxygenation is considered to be reasonable by extended thoracic resections. Surgical lung volume reduction by emphysema shows good functional results, which allows to use its principles in(More)
From 1963 to 2011 in the Department of lung and mediastinum surgery were treated 879 patients with trachea stenosis and 107 patients with benign tracheoesopageal fistula were treated in the Department of lung and mediastinum surgery from 1963 to 2011. latrogenic trachea and the esophagus damage was caused by long-term ALV in 87% of cases. Patients were aged(More)