V. V. Paramonov

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The variational method for numerical simulation of rf parameters of periodical structures with arbitrary phase shift per structure period is developed. At any phase shift the field distribution is represented as a sum over trial functions. As trial functions we use numerically simulated field distribution, considering with different boundary conditions only(More)
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In this report the general properties of neighbor modes in compensated accelerating structures in the vicinity of operating point are considered. The dispersion equation for arbitrary compensated periodical structure in the vicinity of operating point is derived. To obtain it, the field distributions and frequencies for operating mode and coupling one are(More)
An all-fiber 1.48-/spl mu/m generator based on a LD-pumped Yb-doped double-clad laser with intracavity Raman wavelength conversion has been developed. Second-order Raman Stokes radiation was generated in a phosphorosilicate-resonator formed by two pair of Bragg gratings.
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