V V Maslenikov

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Ulcerated A theromatous Plaques of the Carotid A rtery Bifurcation • The clinical diagnosis of an ulcerated plaque at the bifurcation of the common carotid artery is based on: mid-carotid bruit, cholesterol or platelet emboli in the retina, transient ischemic attacks particularly with amaurosis fugax, and a reversible neurological deficit. In this series,(More)
The article presents research data testifying the dominant value of HAFP behavior in diagnostic of oncological diseases. The importance of study of profile of main oncomarkers in patient is demonstrated. The method of hydrohelium biochips, developed in the institute of molecular biology, was used to determine 9 key oncomarkers. The application of this(More)
A clinical and neuropsychological study of 10 vascular patients with signs of circulatory insufficiency in the vertebro-basilar-posterior cerebral territory in whom the dominant symptom was loss of memory with relative idemnity of other intelectual functions is presented. In 5 cases clinical signs of acute infarct in the posterior cerebral artery(More)
This is a contribution to the memory of Professor Román Arana Iñíguez. He, with Professor Néstor Azambuja made possible our participation, in the Joint Study of Extracranial Arterial Occlusion from the National Institutes of Health, with 23 U.S. Universities. This research was started on March 1963 and ended on June 1971. It was directed by Dr. Arana, who(More)