V. V. Mantsev

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The influence of cocaine, amphetamine, cathinone, pargyline and nomifensine on inward calcium current was studied using internally perfused neurons of the snail Lymnaea stagnalis. While nomifensine and pargyline inhibited inward calcium current in the concentrations 10(-7)-10(-4) M and did not affect them in the concentrations 10(-9)-10(-8) M, cocaine,(More)
The influence of taurine (in concentrations of 10−8 to 10−2 mole/liter) on the fast sodium, calcium, and potassium, the slow potassium, and the leakage currents of the somatic membrane of the neurons of the pond snail was investigated. A monotonic decrease was demonstrated in the calcium and the slow potassium currents with an increase in the concentration(More)
Phenamine (10(-12)-10(-5) M/l) increased by 20-60 per cent the input (sodium and calcium) currents (Iin), the output slow potassium (Ikm) and fast potassium (Ikb) ones, and decreased the currents in higher concentrations. The volt-ampere characteristics of the membrane (VAC) and the curves of stationary inactivation (CSI) shifted along the potentials axis.(More)
Isolated and internally dialysed neurons from the molluscs Lymnaea stagnalis were investigated under voltage-clamp conditions. The increasing of taurin concentration (from 1.10(-8) to 1.10(-2) mol/l) reduced the calcium inward--and delayed potassium outward currents, and exerted no effect on the fast potassium outward current. Sodium inward current was(More)
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