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The experiments on guinea pigs was performed to study the effects of thymogen , thymalin and vilosene on the activity of cAMP, cGMP, adenylate cyclase, guanylate cyclase, cAMP- and cGMP-phosphodiesterases in T lymphocytes during BCG vaccination. It was shown that the disease was accompanied by increased activity of enzymes of anabolism and catabolism of(More)
It is established that the effect of thymus-derived species is connected with the cyclic nucleotide system. The action of thymus-derived immunocorrectors (thymalin, thymagen, vilosen) on catabolic processes of cyclic nucleotides has been observed under conditions of anaphylaxy and sensibilization. They show that sensibilization of the animal is bound up(More)
The present work deals with the content of cyclic nucleotides and PDE activity in spleen T-lymphocytes of young and old animals. The cAMP/cGMP ratio is shown to increase with age chiefly owing to the reduction in cGMP level and in PDE activity which induces inhibition of proliferation and 3/1-thymidine incorporation in lymphocyte DNA in response to mitogens(More)
Ca(2+)-exchange kinetics and the content of membrane and cytoplasm fractions of calmodulin in the splenic T-lymphocytes of guinea pigs with experimental tuberculosis were studied. A tuberculous process was accompanied by the changes in the Ca2+ exchange kinetics in the form of T-lymphocyte oversaturation with Ca2+ ions which in the end leads to an(More)
The studies performed proved that there were no substantial differences in intracellular content of cAMP and cGMP in immune systems of both old and young animals. The influence of equine serum upon lymphocytes in accompanied by the most substantial changes in concentrations of cyclic nucleotides in spleen B-cells. The amplitude of level changes in cAMP and(More)
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