V. V. Karasev

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The respiratory system provides entry for drug nanoparticles to cure systemic diseases. The modern devices that are available on the market of therapeutic aerosol delivery systems have a number of disadvantages. There remains a need for an alternative means that is low cost, convenient, and capable of producing small-sized particles. On the other hand,(More)
BACKGROUND Aerosol lung administration is a convenient way to deliver water-insoluble or poorly soluble drugs, provided that small-sized particles are generated. Here, for the outbred male mice, we show that the pulmonary administration of ibuprofen nanoparticles requires a dose that is three to five orders of magnitude less than that for the orally(More)
The report is concerned with an analysis of lung cancer morbidity (1979-1986) in the population of the Norilsk industrial region versus age. In the 50-59 and 60-69 years age groups, it was found to be 2.1-2.5 times the national and Krasnoyarsk regional levels. Carcinogenic hazards involved in processing ores of different metals contribute to such morbidity.
Neuromyalgic syndrome (NMS) is clinically and electroneuromyographically (ENMG) first-ever described in 50 children aged 2-13. Muscular pains and pains along peripheral nerves occur in post-infection period of acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI), intestinal and parotitoviral infections with transient (in 3-6 days), dysfunction of peripheral nervous(More)
The homogeneous nucleation of bismuth supersaturated vapor is studied in a laminar flow quartz tube nucleation chamber. The concentration, size, and morphology of outcoming aerosol particles are analyzed by a transmission electron microscope (TEM) and an automatic diffusion battery (ADB). The wall deposit morphology is studied by scanning electron(More)
Low molecular-weight (oligopeptide) fraction of the cerebrospinal fluid was analyzed by high-performance reversed phase liquid chromatography in 30 children with bacterial and viral neuroinfections. The incidence and height of chromathoraphic peaks in bacterial meningitis depended on the disease etiology, stage, and severity. Qualitative and quantitative(More)