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— For evahration of arithmetical expressions using multiple precision floating-point arithmetic, a method is given to automatically perform error cumulation control prior to the actual computations. Individual errors and their effects are identified, and it is shown how to compute these effects efficiently via automatic differentiation. In the presented(More)
GENTRAN is a code GENerator and TRANslator running under REDUCE and MACSYMA. It is a tool for generating Fortran 77, RATFOR or C programs from program specifications and symbolic expressions. Its facilities include template processing, automatic segmentation of large expressions and a file handling mechanism. GENTRAN can be used in combination with SCOPE(More)
The system presented here shows the feasibility of modeling the knowledge involved in a complex musical activity by integrating sub-symbolic and symbolic processes. This research focuses on the question of whether there is any advantage in integrating a neural network together with a distributed artiicial intelligence approach within the music domain. The(More)
We have reported previously that Tomato yellow leaf curl virus from Israel (TYLCV) penetrates the reproductive system of its vector, the whitefly Bemisia tabaci biotype B, and may be transmitted to progeny. In order to mimic this phenomenon and to understand how TYLCV accompanies the development of the insect, we have bombarded B. tabaci eggs with an(More)
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